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I live with my husband David in an idyllic little town in the Ruhr area.

I was already a bookworm as a child and as a teenager I either read or wrote short stories and poems in my free time.

After I met my husband, an English musician, in early 1997, I composed and wrote lyrics for several songs in English, which I also really enjoyed.

For many years David and I commuted back and forth between England and Germany. During this time, I worked three days a week as an administrative clerk in a university hospital.
In December 2004 my husband decided to quit his job as a bass player singer in an English band and since then we have been living permanently in my small birthplace.

My first novel is set in Seaford, my husband's birthplace and my second home.
Seaford is a beautiful little town in East Sussex, on the south coast of England, that I would like to take my readers to...