The psychological family drama is about family conflicts, jealousy and hatred, but also about sincere love and true friendship.

Although not a thriller, the book contains subtle suspense and quiet thrill.

The title of the book was clear to me right from the start, as it follows from the content. Even later I couldn't think of a more appropriate title.

The center of events is Seaford, a small town in East Sussex, on the south coast of England.

The history of the British Harris family spans a thirty-one year period, beginning with the birth of twin sisters Carolyn and Carina in the early 1960's.

The focus is on the conflict-ridden relationship between the two girls, who are already completely different as children.
Quiet and unobtrusive, Carolyn is overshadowed by her vain and selfish sister Carina from the start.

Again and again she has to suffer from her sister's mean intrigues, is humiliated and bullied by her.
The mother's unfair and loveless behavior and the father's ignorance contribute significantly to the childish jealousy turning into hatred over the years.

The sisters' troubled relationship reaches a dangerous point when Carolyn meets her first love, Ben...
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  Beachcomber Pub Seaford.Closed 2011
                 Beachy Head Lighthouse
             Eastbourne Pier East Sussex      
           Cliffs near Beachy Head
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